Customers of our Rothensande ponys are - against all expectation - mostly retired persons.
One owns a big garden, plenty of unused time and searches for something "Special"- something "cuddly".
And when there is somebody in the neighbourhood willing to give water and hay- no holiday has to be cancelled as well.
But we also have customers that are young families with children searching for a "cuddly toy"- but our experience is that most of all the ponies
are the fullfillment of a long time dream coming from the own childhood.
These little ponys are the strongest in the world, able to pull more than the half of their own weight and so many of our customers therefore
use our ponys for driving with carriage or sulky. But also as riding pony for children up to 50 kg they are very much appreciated.
Our little ponys enjoy moreover an excellent reputation as therapy ponies for children and adults - as well as dressage!
Much loved and appreciated little heartbreakers. Friends for a whole lifetime.

All this and so much more than what you see are our famous "Rothensande Ponys".

Our stud is based on first class english quality- the best, you will find on the market.
Quality comes at a price.
We breed these ponies, because we LOVE them deeply.
Because of this deep love- we seldom part from our ponies- and if we do- we only let them go for a fair price,
a price that justices the value of this pony.
Therefore we only sell our offsprings to people who know to appreciate our work and these very very special ponies.


Something to remember:

The memory of poor quality lasts longer than the joy about a low price.


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