From time to time we also have to part from a first class adult pony or a foal after weaning.
You will find here high quality ponies, of whom we might consider to part from.
All our ponies come full registered and microchipped.
It goes without saying, that we let go these ponies only to 5 star homes with responsible, respectful persons, that own at least one more
pony or horse. A goat or a sheep is no alternative.
Our foals are sold after weaning, when they are able to eat grass and hard food by themselves.
They have learned being by the headcollar, they love being groomed and daily loving contact to children and adults is self-evident.
Feel free to ask for the pony of your interest- maybe this special pony is a pony we might consider to part from.
However low-priced ponies you will definately not find at our stud.
Our stud is based on first class english quality- the best, you will find on the market.
Quality comes at a price.
It is a matter close to our heart, to offer the best medical care to our ponies.
We only feed the best organic herbs hay and concentrated feed and minerals of the best english quality.
Our ponies are vaccinated and wormed at least 4 times a year, our own farrier controlls the hoofs regularly as well as they get a dental prophylaxis.
We breed these ponies, because we LOVE them deeply.
We repudiate ourselves in the strongest terms from breeders who just PRODUCE.
We do this for the love of the wonderful old Birling bloodline to keep it going, nothing else.
We have dedicated our whole heart to this bloodline.
Because of this deep love- we seldom part from our ponies- and if we do- we only let them go for a fair price,
a price that justices the value of this pony.
Therefore we only sell our offsprings to people who know to appreciate our work and these very very special ponies.

It goes without saying that we are also after the sale and especially after the sale (!) there to answer any questions.

Whereas we are breeding these Mini Shetland Ponys since 1989, we can offer competence accordingly,

which we love to share with our customers.


Something to remember:

The memory of poor quality lasts longer than the joy about a low price.



Price range C
ROTHENSANDE INSIDE DAISY CLOVER is a gorgeous little gold palomino daughter of our famous Perlino Champion stallion
Daisy Clover is very very much in love with her people, very approachable little lady, who wants to know it all- absolute show character!
A solide and very correctly built little sweetheart with a great future in front of her - as brood mare as well as show winner.
She will set the house on fire!

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