February 2016

This was one of the hardest things ever we had to decide.
But this situation forces a decision to make life worth living again.
I have fought for what I believe to be right, and I have done that, sometimes, against the interests of my own health.
I am completely exhausted, all alone in the face of all these hard work and heartbreaking decisions.
Daddy became seriously ill and so there is no other way but to find the best of homes for a big number of our stock.
We are willing to sell at strongly discounted prices, if we therefore find them a forever homes, where people will love them just the way we always did.
But we are asking for RESPECT - we will not let them go to people who want to take advantage of this heartbreaking situation and try now to enrich themselves
with first class, pure english breed stock for next to nothing.
We are searching for FAIR interested parties, who know to appreciate these wonderful ponies with exclusive bloodlines, only existing here at Rothensande
and willing to place a fair and respectful offer to us.
Let me say straight away: Ultimately, this sale is determind by the price AND the future home.
All these unique ponies will not to be had at a "knockdown" price!
It is very important to us that the new owner will value them for what they are: Very precious bloodlines of first class quality- only existing here at Rothensande.

All ponys, that are for sale, can be found on our homepage under FOR SALE.

In case you are interested in an other pony, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are willing to discuss every respectful offer.

We will also be helpful in every way to find a transport possibility and will organize ofcourse all export paperwork for you.

December 2015

"Rothensande Merci Chérie" - my beautiful little darling, she is my greatest star among the foals from 2015.
"Rothensande Little Lord Fauntleroy" and Merci Chérie, both offspring of our so beloved BIRLING GREY MIRAGE
are my very very special Superstars one would love to share every second with. They took all our hearts by storm!

August 2015

8 ha neues, frisches Weideland steht nun, frisch eingezäunt der großen Herde unseres berühmten BIRLING GREY MIRAGE und seinen
zahlreichen Damen zur Verfügung. Sattes Gras und glückliche Ponys soweit das Auge reicht.
Whitgift Carbonella, last daughter of the famous BIRLING GOLDEN CLOUD, was safely delivered of a filly in the night of shooting stars
We joyfully, proudly and deeply grateful annouce that sire of "Rothensande Ode to Joy" is our dearly loved BIRLING GREY MIRAGE.

June 2015

The Gallery has been updated with new photos of June- *ENJOY*!
Another pure Birling blooded colt is born here at Rothensande!
Very proud and overjoyed we welcome little "ROTHENSANDE GOLDEN EAGLE"
Our wonderful Primavera das given us the third foal in a row by our great Birling Golden Cloud son BIRLING DORADO!
Easily it can be seen: once more PURE GOLD.
Old, pure Birling bloodlines. as they can only be bred still here at Rothensande in its purest form with all our passion.
You can follow this little darling on his own site.
The little darling of our Gateau was given the name:
"Rothensande Indian Ocean"!
The little one has already her own site and can be followed. We can't just stop wondering!
In the Galerie you will find new folders of April und May.

May 2015

Our wonderful GATERLEY GATEAU (by Gamlingay Midas) layed down beneath my feet and gave birth in front of my eyes, aged 21,
The name is still in discussion and all photos taken of this birth will follow as soon as we have the name for this special foal!
Very proud sire is ofcourse our Perlino champion stallion KILCUMMER CRACKERJACK (by Birling Glint of Gold).
Our BIRLING DORADO is having fun!
BIRLING GREY MIRAGE was so very generous to offer 2 of his ladies-
and we catched Dorados joy with the camera.
Our unique Birling Dorado is mostly overshadowed by our holy stallion of the century BIRLING GREY MIRAGE-
but this is not what he deserves - as being the last son alive of the famous Birling Golden Cloud!
Our Birling Dorado radiatees VITALITY! An execptional stallion of the top class.
Ever new day I am fasciated by him. Dorado is a dream come true.
Moreover this great old, pure Birling line exists EXCLUSIVE only here with us at Rothensande.
What a splendid chap our Birling Dorado is!
Fancy a little insight? Photos of this session with our Dorado can be enjoyed his own site.
Our wonderful HAWSKER HEATHER has delivered to us on 17 April 2015 the FOURTH SON of my so beloved BIRLING GREY MIRAGE!
Keep yourself updated: Fohlenseite!
ROTHENSANDE KING OF HEARTS is a weapon - in dreamlike mahagony!
We couldn't express with words what this momentous little darling means to us!
It goes without saying that Rothensande King of Hearts stays at our stud without any discussion.

April 2015

We are over the moon! on the 23 April 2015 our lovely BIRLING WITCHES BREW gave birth to a so much wanted DARK CREAM SOOTY
COLT FOAL by my so beloved BIRLING GREY MIRAGE! Our THIRD SON of this unbeatable stallion of the century!
More details here: Fohlenseite!
BIRLING EVITA rang the foal season today at Rothensande with a FANTASTIC SON of my so beloved BIRLING GREY MIRAGE!
Get all foal updates here: FOHLEN!
FOR YEARS I have hoped and craved for this son ot of this momentous match.
Tears ran down my face when I first saw him. I couldn't love him more.

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