Many people think: A horse needs a stable. They do not understand, that a stable does not do this little kind of
ponies justice, that we do love and breed.
Sadly there are still some breeders, building golden stables- little luxury prisons- and being proud of it!
The Minishetlandpony, that be breed, with its origins on the Shetland Islands, a group of islands
belonging to Scotland, between Norway, Scotland and Faroe Islands, wants no golden stables,
and this requires understanding and sensivity.
He, who has visited the Shetland Islands once, will understand, for what our ponys are longing for.
And hopefully stops willing these wonderful ponys.
It is our heartfelt wish to offer natural conditions to our ponys.
Like on these rocky Shetland Islands with their thin bottomset bed, the sour pastures and moores,
uncountable little lakes and lagoons.
The Islands have an oceanic climate, with long but mild winters and short, cool summers. The general
character of the climate is windy and cloudy with at least 2 mm rain falling on more than 250 days a year.
Heavy rainfalls, storms and fog is usual.
As a consequence of these inconvenient climate and soil conditions a natural selection has taken place, which
produced these small und robust Minishetlandponys.
We are very keen to offer our ponys their natural living conditions.
Therefore for example there will never be an isolated keeping of our stallions at our stud- even in winter!
Our stallions respect each other after some minutes when coming together- and they spend the winters on
big pastures with an open stable, which is mostly ignorated. Also the young stallions and colts, that we
have retained, share their winters with their fathers. Here they play day and night to the hearts's content.
And learn from their fathers.
The mares live through winter in a big herd on a wide pasture with wood and open stable.
The fillies we retain stay always with their mothers after weaning.
Depending on the weather, in spring the ponys will be separated in smaller groups with one stallion and his
carefully selected mares.
Another group is formed in spring by the young colts and male yearlings, that we retain as future stallions.
These smaller groups enjoy summer and autumn until around end of November on several pastures,
loaded with tasty herbes like thyme. Our ponies find here all they need for their well-being.
The superb resistance and health of our ponies bears us out in what we do.
As a matter of course our ponys nevertheless are regularly wormed and presented to the farrier,
as well as controlled for teeth problems.
By this appropriate care a unique, lovable character is shaped, which let these wonderful ponys
become a friend for a lifetime.
This greatest possible liberty, which we give to our ponys, pays off- so that robust and healthy
minishetlandponys grow up, which do their ancestors on the Shetland Islands justice in every way.
Beside many domestic customers, our ponys are loved and appreciated by breeders and
enthusiasts of our bloodlines in whole Europe- (e.g. Austria, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, Norway,
Switzerland, Denmark and much more) who carry the world before one- and time and time again
confirm us in our way.

Copyright © 2010 by Katharina Krischak

All rights reserved.