Our basic principle in the handling of our ponys is respect.
It is a matter close to our heart to convey wthis already to our foals from the very start.
Trust is build up through respect.
Pure english top stallionsout of the most famous Birling stud of the Late Lionel Hamilton-Renwick - mated with the best old
english Birling bloodlines are the foundation of our Original Minishetlandpony stud.
For breeding means not just to cross a stallion and a mare.
As a responsible-minded breeder it is necessary to recognize the pros and cons of each breeding pony- as well as of its ancestors.
Only this way it is possible to compromise shortcomings, ramp up beauty and breed as result highly successful healthy offspring.
But even you make your plans with great passion and devotion- without luck on your side, nothing will work.
As a breeder you learn to live with bitter disappointments- and to deeply enjoy the days of luck.
Even though sometimes there will be only seconds of a moment.
From the beginning of our breeding plans I have strictly selected- my thinking moves generations ahead- every once in a while
generations behind.
You are on a never-ending journey through time.
Only by this it is possible to keep this unique quality of the Birling breeding in accordance with the wishes of Lionel
Hamilton-Renwick we are briefed with and these secrets I understandably do not want to disclose at this point.
You can not "learn" to breed horses- you need to have this rare "gift"- let us just call it this way.
Absolute passion, sometimes a vehement pighead and drop dead toughness- paired with absolute honesty - kindness,
you should not take for weakness, has opened doors, where others thought here would not exist a single key anymore.
Consequence and honesty has opened the doors in Great Britain and lead us on the high road of happiness, to get the very last
Birling Ponys of the stud of the grandious Late Lionel Hamilton-Renwick for our stud.
A very long way, I would go again and yet again.
Every single Birling Pony is beyond price to us - something that money can't buy!
They are the crown jewels of our stud.
We are fully aware of the fact that these unique Birling ponies arouse immense envy - especially some breeders are so eaten up
with envy that they try to copy us in an awkward way.
We are humbled and slaughtered in social networks like Facebook, that you really have to have doubts of the sanity of these
primitive small minds..
We do not waste our time with such small minds.
Even though we understand their envy very well. Jealousy goes with glory!
In the end it only emphasizes the great value of these wonderful ponies impressively.
So we became a shining example for other breeders.
Our GREAT FORTUNE is to own BIRLING GREY MIRAGE, who has given with Birling Golden Cloud the best Birling ponies.
The offspring of our BIRLING GREY MIRAGE is much sought after on the market- high amounts were offered to us, to get one his
wonderful foals- but we we stay consequent.
This offspring money can't buy.
Also the 2nd main bloodline of Hamilton Renwick we keep alive through our top stallion BIRLING DORADO- son of
BIRLING GOLDEN CLOUDs, who is a blessing for our stud with his wonderful character.
BIRLING DORADO administers all weaned yearlings in winter in such a tender kind- as if it would be his own sons.
All colts take refuge with him, when a higher-ranking stallion cut him down to size.
This wonderful character we were able to rescue with great luck and good connections in Belgium out of horrible cicumstances.
BIRLING DORADO was licensed for lifetime in 2012 with the english studbook.
Ofcourse we also have from time to time a pony we could consider to part from.
But here, too, we have a very sure feeling and only will except the best of homes for our ponies.
We demand a great deal of the future home and the buyer.
The best loving and caring home is just good enough for our little precious treasures.
You will never find a "discount-pony" or a "mass-produced pony" at our stud.
Interested parties should be aware of the uniqueness and absolute rarity, the value of these ponies.
Who can not recognize this wonderful gentleness, who shows that he will not be able to do justice to this unique soul,
will not leave our stud with a pony on his trailer.
Honesty is the first priority. Honesty towards oneself and others.

Every pony at our stud owns is fully registered with the english studbook.

So the foals go without saying.
Our foals are all microchipped the day they are born, vaccinated and will not be weaned from their mother before the time is right
for both of them.
Until then foals live together with their mothers and fathers in each herd, stress-free admidst impressive scenery.
Side by side with their mother and father they get in touch will the elements, through trust they learn playfully to wear a halter
and the social behaviour within the herd.
These strong little personalities become self-reliance of their own volition and develop within this peaceful nature all around and
potential liberty, which is a heartfelt matter to me, so very special, unique characters with an enchanting balance-
just because of being thoroughly happy.
Our adult ponys aren't less valuable to us.
They enjoy an exemplary care and attention.
These precious ponies are my greatest love. And that is exactly how they are treaten.
Endless pastures, the bigger the better- nothing brings more joy to the heart than to see these wonderful ponies running free
in this vast with the wind blowing through their mane- gallopping through the fields- brimming over with life.
Interested people in our ponies for sale are very welcome after date arrangement.

Copyright © 2010 by Katharina Krischak

All rights reserved.