In 1989 Grandpa and my parents began to breed Minis-Shetlandponys.
At the beginning mostly based on belgian bloodlines and later we swapped more and more our bloodlines into pure
old english bloodlines. Rothensande imported one by one the last Birling ponies alive and we became the trendsetter.
Especially in Austria they tried to copy our style- but never reached us.
High trust had been kicked with feet to get ponies that had already been promised to us.
Vile intrigues had been started from Austria - only to get a son of our famous breeding stallion BIRLING GREY MIRAGE.

The lesson to us meeting this ungrateful person: we have learned to identify the wolf in sheep's clothing.

Trust and friendship- values like that won't be given nowadays too quickly into undeserved hands.

Rothensande always stayed true to itself.
No matter if been dealt by a heavy blow of fate - the ponys have always been a constant feeling of security.
They are a real true friend, I do not want to miss in my life anymore.
Honestly, loyal friendship, money can not pay.
We adore this strong, crispy type- the old and not the souped-up- we love the roots, its beginning, this outstanding
intelligence, their apparently sheer limitless endurance and joy of life - this lovableness to keep we have dedicated
ourselves to. With all our heart and passion.
The nearest to our heart is the old Birling bloodline. Bred by Sir Lionel Hamilton-Renwick.
His most famous breeding stallions were BIRLING GREY MIRAGE and BIRLING GOLDEN CLOUD.
We are overwhelmed with joy and count our blessings to be allowed to breed with BIRLING GREY MIRAGE -
the last Birling legend alive.
BIRLING GREY MIRAGE is THE Birling legend- and we will do our very best to keep him at best health as long as
heaven will allow us to keep this little white horse dream alive.
Grey Mirage covers very well-directed our old precious mares with excellent bloodlines.
Understandably his foals are not for sale.
Birling Grey Mirage is a treasure of pure gold, which we know very well to appreciate.
Because of very well treatment and love - no luxury little prisons- but 18 ha romantical fields- everyone can feel
the contagious lust for life of these little treasures.
Our stallions enjoy their life November to April in a small group of stallions, where they live together very social
and with respect of each other. No stallion lives isolated and alone.
2011 we had the great opportunity to buy one of the last sons alive of the legendary BIRLING GOLDEN CLOUD-
BIRLING DORADO - in the likeness of his great father!
Birling Dorado makes our group of stallions complete and we have now every chance
to breed these wonderful, unique pure old Birling blooded ponies.
And another smooth move we made in 2011:
We had the great great chance to buy the only Cremello son of BIRLING GLINT OF GOLD, son of
KILCUMMER CRACKERJACK, fits perfectly in this little perfect puzzle with his wealth of bones and his gorgeous

big blue eyes- to launch a thousand hearts.

Colour meets quality at the highest stage.
Which stallion and which mare we put together follows the only goal: to keep this lovely, healthy old bloodline alive.
On the one hand the line of Birling Grey Mirage and on the other hand the Birling Golden Cloud line.
Both is now possible for us with this wonderful stallions.
So many dreams, so much hope lying in these breeding pearls, that we were allowed to take home during the
years. And for each of them we count our blessings.
We never forget through all the work- this love and its appetite for more, always being damn fabulous meanwhile.
We will always go our own way. A way less travelled. A way timeless.
Minishetlandponys of our stud since widespread over Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden and UK.
Lionel Hamilton Renwick was an exceptional personality in far more areas than breeding ponies.
There will be not a single english breeder of shetland ponies who does not know this great personality.
Following his line means a great honour to us.
All foals, born at our stud in Germany, will get 100% full english papers.
The Prefix "Rothensande" is saved for us by Central Prefix Register in England and may there-
fore only used by us.
And we are thankful for every old Birling pony and all the ones that carry these wonderful lines that we are allowed
to take care for.
It is a great honour. And we truly appreciate this honour.
  Love is our energy since 20 years.  

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