We state here our position on a development in our neighbour country because several friends and customers told us again and again what is going on
and we therefore see no other way but to speak now and give people the chance to see through all the damage of reputation spread against us by this person
and her "friends" - created to destroy us, a stud build up in 1989 with deep passion and love.
And we will not accept this damage of reputation caused by S. P. on a regular basis.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
True words!
We back the right horse!
It seems that we here at Rothensande must have been the absolute trendsetter for several breeders, when we started years ago to collect the last
Birling-Ponys and saved them for our stud.
Suddenly everybody wants to have the Birling Ponys.
S.P. bought her first ponies at Rothensande to start a stud.
She appeared EXTREMELY friendly- too friendly - to get very special ponies from us.
Because at that time I hadn't made bad experiences with customers- I trusted in her and she got that ponies.
She tried then to get all information from me about the Birling ponies - and as naive and overtrustful as I was- I told her full of joy and passion
that the son of our so beloved BIRLING GREY MIRAGE - Birling Parthia - is promised to me by my friend Dorothy Spalding in England after I bought Grey Mirage

at a very high age of 20. She promised me the chance to get him to follow this bloodline.

And what did S.P. then?
Immediately she drove to the UK to Dorothy Spalding, who promised this son to me - told her bad things about me and laughed about my passion and love!
Everything to make this son of our stallion HER OWN! And made Dorothy Spalding stop the contact to me!
Now this woman is selling the Birling bred as "her" idea???
She has no scrupel at all and starts intrigues all around Europe via facebook and privately, destroys longterm friendships.
With her now called "best friend Dorothy Spalding" she contacted the studbook in England again and again and made them delete my membership!
To understand is: Dorothy Spalding had promised ME this son of our Birling Grey Mirage and we had a trustworthy friendship!
S. P. then destroyed this friendship to get the son of our stallion HERSELF!
By involving our solicitor the SPSBS had to give out these informations and we have this now black on white what has been done by this person to us.
She spreads since then lies over lies, lets her "friends" (all people who are full of envy and hate that we had gotten the possibility to get the last Birling ponies
from England) with whom she is connecting spread words that we would sell only bad quality.
In posts on facebook of bad taste she is talking about me in the most respectless manner.
S. P. came to us and tried to get my trust to get these special ponies and made me tell her about the Birling line that was totally unknown to her!

And because at that time I never expected that anyone could be so mean and use me in such a respectless way,

I trusted in her and told her so full of joy and passion, that the only son in the UK by our BIRLING GREY MIRAGE is promised to me by my Uk friend
Dorothy Spalding! And this son is: Birling Parthia. the son of OUR Birling Grey Mirage!
We will never understand how a person can be so cold as ice after telling her such a secret of the heart in DEEPEST TRUST!
NEVER I would have been able to betray somebody who has given so very obviously her deepest secret to me in DEEP TRUST-
JUST to get this pony for myself in such a selfish way.
This behaviour is absolutely incredible to us, hurt me deeply and destroyed all my trust in people.
Never since the beginning of our serious, professional stud in 1989 we had to meet such a person.
BUT: ALL this person has is one single son of our breeding stallion Birling Grey Mirage. That is all.

THE ORIGINAL can never be copied - and we believe that in the end everybody gets the bill for such selfish and dishonorable behaviour.


The facts are:

BIRLING GREY MIRAGE lives here wth us at Rothensande.
And therewith all his offspring.
BIRLING GREY MIRAGE has given us by now several daughters and 4 fantastic sons- that won't be the last.
This means that here at Rothensande still in 50 years from now there will still be born the purest of Birling ponies.
We here at Rothensande always stay true to ourselves and this is how we will follow!
To obtain trust to get ponies and then to try to copy our stud and to sell OUR idea as hers to rebirth the Birling line-
and that only she would breed the fantastic quality and we would breed the bad - even though she is breeding with a son of OUR stallion (!)-
This really makes us speechless.
No longer we will accept the maasive damage of reputation of S. P.
Even though I MYSELF wrote to her and asked for peace now after she has the son of our stallion now- she ignored it totally and follows her destroying behaviour
towards us. Therefore we have no other chance to put this statement on our homepage to give people the possibility to see the truth behind all these lies.
A copy always stays a copy.
Blood, Sweat and tears, the idea and the beginning- nobody can take away from us.

ONLY ON ROTHENSANDE the last offspring of OUR BIRLING GREY MIRAGE will be born.

And none of his offspring will ever leave our stud.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
Our Birling Grey Mirage remains always the unbeaten hero of the hearts.
His offspring is exceptional sought after and - to avoid that never again one of his precious foals will enter the wrong and undeserved hands-
NONE of these foals will leave us.
It only shows that our beloved BIRLING GREY MIRAGE is absolutely idolised by breeders international
and his offspring is snared by breeders and breeders scramble to get these bloodlines like no others before!?!
You can't copy a BIRLING GREY MIRAGE.
How sad, that „breeders“ are in a need of such behaviour. It shows their character at its best.
A character that has to be identified.


To recognize the woolf in sheep's clothing and not to give great values such as „trust“ and „friendship“ too easily into undeserved hands,
this is what we have learned from this ungrateful meeting.

It stays as it is:

Only on ROTHENSANDE we are breeding consequently and with great love and deep passion the last pure old Birling foals with ALL old Blirling bloodlines
over 40 broodmares all coming from pure old Birling bloodlines!

Thank you for the longterm confidence of all our customers and friends shown to us

and all of you who always remained loyal to our stud!


Copyright © 2010 by Katharina Krischak

All rights reserved.