I am pretty sure that fate will treat us kindly.
When this little Gentleman crossed my way in Belgium- HOW could I ever say NO?
What a happy coincidence!
He lived to see the hell on earth - his second to last owner hang-up himself in the horse-stable before his face.
A nightmare. My blood runs still cold when thinking about it..
How broken-hearted must this man have been- and how much must he have loved this little pony..
The word "Dorado" is Spanish, but it is treated by the astromers as if it were Greek, so the genitive is Doradus.
It literally means GOLDEN.
Birling Dorado is the last son alive sired by BIRLING GOLDEN CLOUD- second to none!
It couldn't be any better- this PERFECT addition to our pure old Birling bred.
As expected with this parentage- Dorado comes with a wealth of bones- broth of a man!
A dreamlike head and endless lashes...
His dam is no one less than BIRLING SPELLBOUND - whose sire is also THE mini stallion of the 20th Century: FANDANGO OF WETHERDEN-
ofcourse: sire of BIRLING GOLDEN CLOUD!
Our BIRLING DORADO is therewith a very well-conveived, perfect half-sister and brother match, a kind of breeding that was very often
used by the Birling founder Lionel Hamilton Renwick to consolidate his lines- and in the same way he crossed even closer as sire and daughter.
There are little breeders with a big mouth shouting at this kind of breeding (while using it themselves...), as if they would know it all- but as we see-
reality looks different! And who REALLY knows the Birling bred as we know it inside out- knows, that Lionel Hamilton Renwick
ESPECIALLY used line breeding/inbreeding to consolidate his lines- same as all other horse breeders such as from Icelandic horses did during centuries
to get best of best stock. So let the stupids talk trash.
In our special case Lionel Hamilton Renwick crossed these both wonderful ponies to give the VERY SPECIAL to the pedigree of our BIRLING DORADO:
And therewith by that stallion, Hamilton Renwick loved so deeply and with whom- together with our world famous BIRLING GREY MIRAGE-
he founded his Birling stud.
And we beam with pride to own this unique and most of all very last son of this momentous line - here with us at Rothensande-
and therewith we own EXCLUSIVE the old, pure and REAL Original-Birlingbred as the only stud worldwide we are able to continue.
This worldwide unique stallion, BIRLING DORADO, makes it possible to follow breeding the BIRLING-ORIGINAL.
In combination with our BIRLING GREY MIRAGE and his wonderful sons, here with us at Rothensande!
We are over the moon to have him here- handed to us on a golden platter by fate.
Because the Good triumphs over evil- always.
We count our blessings for this little treasure of gold!

Our breeding stallion Birling Dorado serves exclusive our own broodmares.

We ask to refrain from inquiries.

Copyright © 2010 by Katharina Krischak

All rights reserved.